Is Superstar’s Health halted the shoot of 2.0?

Superstar-Rajinikanth-praises-Madras-movieAs reported earlier, Rajinikanth had allegedly met with a small accident at the shooting location of 2 Point 0. There are a few reports that say that 2 Point 0’s shoot has come to a halt because of Rajinikanth’s injury.

But when we inquired with our sources, they told us the shooting is going on as per plan. The current plan apparently does not involve Superstar Rajinikanth. We are told that a set is being erected at EVP Filmcity, Chennai. The art department is currently working on the lighting at the moment and a massive stunt scene is expected to be shot this evening where a giant size tanker will be made to topple. No actors will be involved in the current schedule. So, there is time for Rajinikanth to recover from his small injury.

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