It Is My Dream To Pair With Superstar:AMY

‘It is my dream to pair with Salman Khan’, proudly said Amy Jackson. She is acting in ‘Robot-2’ of Rajanikanth right now. She has celebrated her 25th birthday on sets of ‘Robot-2’. Talking at this juncture, ‘ Rajanikant is seen everywhere when I alight in Chennai. Responding indirectly to a question, is it because Amy and Salman Khan are in love Salman Khan has attended release of 1st look of ‘2.0’? -Amy said that ‘0.2’ is a prestigious movie. So, Salman has supported it. His courtesy is wonderful. He is a great actor. He is a big star. I had a chance to act with him in movie ‘Kick’ but I could not act. Actually, it is my dream to pair with him’ Amy has explained.

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