Its been five years since he got a hit

VarunThis must be an embarrassing phase in the career of a young hero, where he is due for a big hit since five long years now. Wonder who could it be? He is none other than once upon a time lover boy Varun Sandesh. It was way back in 2010,where he saw a decent hit in the form of “Yemaindi Eevela”,directed by Sampath Nandi. And ever since then, Varun has seen over ten releases out of which none is a successful one.

In fact, all those movies were outdated scripts that were chosen by Varun. He never tried anything different all these years rather than pinning all his hopes on ‘lover boy’ role for every film. One might think that he did all these movies just for the sake of money,and everybody questions his commitment towards the craft of acting. At present, Varun is keeping all his hopes on his first release of the year 2015 ” Paddanandi Premalo Mari”. Let us see if this movie can help Varun Sandesh come out of those failures.

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