Its touch time ahead for RGV with ABVP

Ram-Gopal-VarmaAs we all know, controversies are not new to Ram Gopal Varma. He either directly or indirectly attracts some or the other controversy with his each and every film. Continuing his bad track record further, RGV here falls again in a fresh controversy that is now creating ripples in T-town.
The controversy over Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming flick ‘Sridevi’ is taking a serious turn with ABVP launching protests demanding a ban on it.
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) leaders and activists opined Ram Gopal Varma has been behaving like a psycho. The posters of ‘Sridevi’ have been misleading the children and polluting the teacher-student relationship. Apart from burning the effigies of Ram Gopal Vamra and posters, They even appealed government to ban ‘Sridevi’.
ABVP Leaders lashed out at Ram Gopal Varma for the controversial press note about his first crush on his English teacher Savitri and appealing people to share their version of such infatuations.
Will all these products effect RGV to any extent? Let us see.

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