J V Ramana Murthy passes away

J. V. Ramana MurthyJ. V. Ramana Murthy who is a brother of Legend Actor J.V. Somayajulu, is passed away 2016, June 22 evening in Banjarahills Star Hospital, Hyderabad. He is suffering from Cardiac Disease. He is a notable actor in Telugu film industries and as a Girisham in Stage Drama. It is sad news for Telugu cinema industries for losing an actor like him. Cinemaya Condolences Telugu film industry for losing him and there is no replacement for his place.

Let’s know few things about J. V. Ramana Murthy:

Original Name of J.V. Ramana Murthy is Jonagadda Venkata Ramana Murthy who is a younger brother of legend actor our Shankara Sastri Jonagadda Venkata Somayajulu. He has born on 1933, May 20 in Vijayanagaram district.

He was interested in acting from school days after watching stage shows conducted in his village. Later Interest became a passion and started the career in stage artist and performed various roles and impressed the audience with his dialogue delivery and modulation used in plays. Later he was selected in M.L.A and got a role in it by K.B. Tilak who got impressed with stage performances. After that, he got a meaty role in Gorintaku which is given him a stardom and with that he can able to get more than 150 roles in film industries.

While acting he used to perform stage shows also due to adorable towards stage dramas. He got impressed with Gurajada Appa Rao’s Kanyasulkam and performed a lead role of Girisham on stage shows and T.V. Serials which is telecast in Doordarshan. He also directed the plays.

After Various plays and role in movies, he stopped acting movies from past couple of years and also slow down his stage play shows. From few months, he was suffering from Cardiac disease and died while getting treatment in Star Hospital. His age was 83 now.

Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) Play a condolence to his Telugu film industry families.

“God Keeps his Rest in Peace”.

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