Jaguar Movie Review

Jaguar Movie Review
Jaguar Movie Review


Jaguar Movie Review
Jaguar Movie Review

Star cast: Nikhil Gowda, Deepti Sati
Director: A. Mahadev
Producer: Anitha Kumaraswamy
Music: S.S. Thaman
Jaguar movie which has created a lot of buzz among the film buffs, has hit theaters today starring Nikhil Gowda and Deepti Sati. Mahadev has directed this high budget flick produced by Kumaraswamy. S S Thaman has provided tunes for this action entertainer. Let’s find its content and performance of the cast.
Vijayendra Prasad has provided the script which is dealt with unhealthy practices by Shaurya Prasad & Co who runs college and hospital. An unexpected murder of shrewd business has shocked the people of the city. This case is given to CBI department which is lead by Jagapathi Babu. Krishna who is a college student has revelry with student leader Aarya. As Aarya is a leader, he fights against Shurya Prasad who practices fraudulent activities. At all sudden, the serial killer announces his next targets Krishna, Aarya, Shaurya Prasad. Who is he? Why does he kill people? What is the mission of serial killer should be watched on the big screen.
Nikhil who made his debut with this film has done a good job. One can find his hard work in this film. Deepti Sati did an okay performance. Sampath Raj and Adithya Menon are superb in their roles. Bramanandam offered a few laughs. Rao Ramesh is routine and Ramyakrishna should have avoided this role as she has nothing to offer.
In recent times, Jaguar movie is said to have known as the high budget debut flick. It is a revenge drama with high action episodes. But, making a film like Jaguar with a debut hero is definitely difficult task but Nikhil has really impressive. The first half is really interesting and goes at the fast pace but when it comes to second half, it is the main disadvantage for the movie as it is tedious for audiences. However, it is an okay film for audiences with its good script.

The story is the hero in Jaguar as it has an intriguing plot to amuse film buffs. S S Thaman’s background is the major highlight as carried the tempo till the end card. The direction is okay and production values are adequate.
Final Say:
Jaguar might appeal to B and C centers.

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