Jana sena song creation sensation on social media!

pawan-kalyan-jana-sena-party-launch-1 Pawan Kalyan is now getting ready for his next public meeting in Anantapur on Nov. 10th.Expectations are increasing on Jana Sena as Pawan Kalyan’s recent public meetings generated public support and analysts are speculating on Pawan Kalyan’s speech and what his step with respect to special status and his fight on achieving it. Huge preparations are underway for the public meeting of Jana Sena at Anantapur.

According to the latest, Jana Sena party recently released a song and it is creating sensation on social media. The song ‘Prajala Gunde Ragilera…’ highlighting the problems of the people is catching the imagination of everyone.

Many are wondering how opposition parties will react to Pawan Kalyan’s powerful onslaught with his Jana Sena training his guns firing on all cylinders through special status.

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