Junior Allu hero planning for Hollywood remake?

allu-sirish-2aa59a0fThis is really a surprising news for all ‘Allu’ as well as Mega fans. It is learnt that, junior Allu hero – Allu Sirish has been listening to many scripts after his successful “Kottha Janta ” released. But it is heard that no story has excited this struggling Mega hero it seems. Hence Allu Sirish has picked up a Hollywood film to remake it in Telugu.

We hear that though Sirish liked many scripts, his brother Stylish Star Allu Arjun and father Allu Arvind are not approving it. Unable to control his dying passion to start a movie at the earliest, Sirish has now okay-ed to star in a script that was based on a Hollywood movie of the 90s. Apparently an aspiring associate director has narrated a script based on this flick and that is getting into production now. We hear that director Maruthi and writer Sreedhar Seepana are giving final touches to this Hollywood remake.

Well ,to make a remake film of a Hollywood film would be a highly costly affair. So, undoubtedly we can say its just a ‘free’make but not ‘re make’. What say folks?

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