Just In: Bye- Bye Dhanalakshmi

19DHANALAKSHMIFinally, here is a kind of dream come true for many directors, producers and actors. One of the toughest persons to handle, D.Dhanalakshmi(Censor board chief) has been transferred to some Delhi this morning. Mr. TVK Reddy will be taking her chair soon as chief censor officer.

Definitely its a big relief for many of Telugu film makers, who have been literally screwed up by Dhanalakshmi all these years by imposing strict rules . Many of them have complained on her to higher authorities that she has been harassing them intentionally by not giving clearance to their films and with some last minute changes in their films.
Almost all the bigwigs of Telugu Film industry have tried their best to make sure she is transferred from Hyderabad,but failed. And now unexpectedly, it is learnt that she received the transfer orders from the Government it seems.
Its definitely a big sigh of relief for TFI. And now the question that bothers everyone is, what if this new censor board officer TVK Reddy turns out to be more strict than Dhanalakshmi?

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