Kaala Likely To Be Postponed!

At present Tamil film industry is facing a shutdown and that no film-related work is happening at the moment. Also, there are no new releases for quite a few weeks now resulting in March 2018 becoming one of the dry months in terms of movie releases. In an exclusive conversation with producer Durairaj, we got to know some details about the plans that they have for the forthcoming weeks. When he was asked whether Kaala’s release will be postponed, he said:

“Those movie teams who have got the censor certificate first will be given the preference to release their films. Agreed that a lot of small films could have had a release in March. However, this shutdown is only for the betterment of the industry and when we open again, everyone is going to be benefitted without doubt.

Even Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala team has told us that they will release their film whenever we tell them to. It is known that Kaala will do well no matter when it releases. We shall have to plan out releases right after this strike. The start could be hard to plan but once things get going, it is sure to be beneficial for all.”

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