Kajal Agarwal getting ready to file case on them

kajal_agarwal_south_actress-1920x1080We all know that earlier, heroines used to have longest careers for minimum 15-20 years. But in this era, no one can sustain in the film industry more than 8-10 years or may be around 5 years. Hence, all of them usually think of minting money in all possible ways. And one of such ways is endorsing biggest brands and demanding huge sum depending on their image and market value.
And now coming to Tollywood’s top heroine Kajal Agarwal, it is learnt that she was recently spotted by a famous shopping mall at Hyderabad it seems. According to the actress, the shopping mall owners did not contact Kajal for their shop opening. But they have filled the entire city with her hoardings giving an impression that she is coming for the event. After extracting maximum publicity from Kajal posters, they finished the mall opening with other heroine (who came there for a lesser remuneration).
And naturally that has irked Kajal to the core as she couldn’t digest that the owners of the mall has brought huge attention by using her in the hoardings and she was not paid a penny. But the shopping Mall’s owners have a completely different version. They say that in fact Kajal herself has cheated them by not making it to the event even after accepting whatever we have offered.
But Kajal really takes it further by filing a case on the shopping mall, even they will counter it as they themselves are not any small people. Let us wait and see where it ends up.

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