Kajal cries out for Horses and Elephants

KajalOne would wonder to know this why Kajal would cry for Horses and Elephants rather than crying for her mother or sister , if she has to? right? Well, many of you may not know that this sexy girl is the brand ambassador for PETA, an organization that works against killing the animals etc. We have seen Kajal doing special photo shoots for PETA earlier. She now raised her voice again for PETA, demanding a ban of animals in circuses.

Stunning beaut Kajal Agarwal has now turned to bleed to highlight the plight of those dying elephants and horses. “Saying NO to circuses that use animals. Animals are not natural performers, they shouldn’t be forced to perform. If you agree with me, then please ask the government to ban animals in circuses”, asks Kajal, launching her new PETA campaign.

Can her message reach everyone?Can we see any change in the situation? Lets wait and see.

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