Kamal Haasan Satire On Tamil Politics

Kamal Discharged.. ,Kamal Hassan,KamalNoted Actor Kamal Haasan, presently busy with hosting Bigg Boss. Kamal who has been quite active on social media through his Twitter account has been sharing his views and opinions on a lot of issues that include the current political scenario in the state.

With the current state politics got interesting with the EPS and OPS merger, and the latter is given the all important Deputy CM post, Kamal has tweeted his view again. He tweeted in Tamil which read “காந்திக்குல்லா!காவிக்குல்லா!கஷ்மீர்குல்லா!! தற்போது கோமாளிக்குல்லா, தமிழன் தலையில் . போதுமா இன்னும் வேண்டுமா? தயவாய் வெகுள்வாய் தமிழா.” The English translation of his tweet roughly means “After Gandhi cap, Saffron cap, and Kashmiri cap, now Tamil’s are wearing clown’s cap. Is this enough or need more?

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