Kamal Haasan Was Doubtful In Acting Films!

Kamal Discharged.. ,Kamal Hassan,KamalVeteran Actor Kamal Haasan’s fans was doubtful if Kamal would act in films, after entering politics. The universal star has now replied to that question in a recent interview.

“If I enter politics, there’d be only very less chances of seeing me in films. If it is going to be some serious and intense politics, why do I need to do something else? I’d have to solely concentrate only on politics.” When he was asked what type of a politician he would be, taking reference from the characters he has played in his films, Kamal said, “I’d like to be Udhayamoorthy (Unnal Mudiyum Thambi) character in my political life.” Udhayamoorthy is a character who stands by the people and fight for their support against any type of corruption.

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