Kamal Hassan Counter To Noted Politician

Kamal Discharged.. ,Kamal Hassan,KamalEarlier in the day, Indian politician Subramanian Swamy made a negative comment against actor Kamal Haasan through his Twitter handle which reads as follows, “I will oppose this boneless wonder and pompous idiot called Kamal Hasan”

This comment did not go well with film celebrities as expected. Actors like Khushbu and director Karthick Naren had expressed their distress over the tweet made by Subramanian Swamy.

Now Kamal Haasan himself has made use of his Twitter space to hit back at Swamy’s tweet.

“Wont retort with rudeness.His experience exceeds mine in acidic political exchanges. He might like his meal boneless.I don’t.Bon apitit sir. I have1 bone of contention..Its good enough.Su.Sa called Tamils porikis.Glad I wont have 2 oppose him People will.”

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