Kamal Shares His Thoughts And Aspects In An Event

During the recent Grand event of TFPC at Malaysia, actor Kamal Haasan was given the stage to share a few words. Actor Vivekh asked him about his thoughts on three aspects – the Kalathur Kannamma Kamal, Kaadhal mannan Kamal and the Kalam Erangi Karuthu Sollum Kamal.

Kamal Haasan explained, “Kalathur Kannama Kamal… was a little kid which repeated what he was told, like a parrot. The Kaadhal Mannan Kamal was a tagline given to me – everyone, not just me, falls in love. And I have lived that life for a while. The Kalam Erangum Kamal is my voice – (pointing to the public) your voice.”

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