Kamal’s message to his Guru

It is needless to say that who could be the reason for Kamal’s successful career in films. Of course, its one and only legendary director K. Balachander who laid the path to this versatile actor . Kamal Haasan has conveyed his get well soon message to his mentor K Balachander through a video. He also spoke to the veteran film-maker over the phone for one and a half minute. But, Kamal could hardly understand anything KB spoke during that 90 seconds conversation.

Itis learnt that Kamal Hasan told his Guru that he would come to meet him once he completes his work. He also wants to know what KB intended to say to him while speaking over the phone.

In his video, Kamal told, “KB sir asked me to wrap up ‘Uttam Villain’ as soon as possible because he wants to watch it.”

As soon as Kamal heard the news of Balachander’s health, he immediately wanted to come from Los Angeles and see his Guru. But he couldn’t come as he also knowns that Balachander wouldn’t like him leaving his work in the middle for any reason. Lets pray and wish Balachander lives strong till Kamal comes back at least. Such a painful situation for Kamal isn’t it?

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