Kamlini’s sensational comments on Tollywod

ka4Is it because of lack of opportunities or is it because of her personal experiences,that Bengali beauty Kamalini Mukherjee made some sensational comments on Tollywood the other day.
She commented that the roles offered to actresses in Telugu cinema were demeaning and its only getting worse as time progresses. She went on to say the only aspects to appreciate here is that there is no dearth to opportunities for newbies.

Kamalinee has been in the Industry since 10 years. She carved a niche for herself in this period and even Today people appreciate her work in films. She, however, couldn’t bag offers with Star Directors to reach top league. Still, The Girl-next-Door Beauty says she is content with the kind of films done by her till now.

‘Govindudu Andarivaadele’ is actually Kamalinee’s comeback vehicle in Tollywood. As a village belle, She has done a good job in terms of performance. This family entertainer is likely to fetch her few more offers in Telugu Cinema.
If she keeps on making such bold comments, she might lose those one or two odd offers too says critics. Are you listening Kamalini??

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