Karan Johan had a Blast on Troll

797813849Filmmaker Karan Johar was targeted by a Twitter user after the news of the legalization of same sex marriage in the US made world headlines.

While the proponents of equal rights hail the move, there are some who took this development to take a potshot at Karan Johar, the 43-year-old filmmaker who is still single.

One person on Twitter trolled Karan Johar by posting, “Rumours: Karan Johar to get married in USA.”

Karan Johar didn’t lose his cool nor turn abusive. He gave a very sane reply.

Meanwhile, the trolls haven’t stopped. One posted by a Salman Khan fan read, “So finally Karan Johar and Sharukh can legally shift to America and stay happily ever after.”

This despite Salman Khan asking his fans to respect his colleagues and friends online.

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