Karunakaran waiting for Cherry’s dates?

Untitled-1He is a trend setter in Telugu film industry who has set some benchmarks with his sensitive and sensible love story “Tholiprema” long back. That youthful entertainer has made youth go crazy over Pawan Kalyan at that time. And that madness still continues,in fact doubled over the years. Karunakaran directed Allu Arjun too in “Happy”. And now, as per the latest buzz, this love flicks specialist is planning to direct another mega hero ,none other than RAm Charan Tej.

We hear that he bounced a line to the young mega hero and is waiting for his nod to proceed. As Cherry already tasted a disaster in the form of “Orange”, can Karunakram make Ram Charan stand firm in Tollywood as a lover boy too?

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