Kathi Mahesh Father Demand To Expel Hindu Swami

Everybody knows that Hyderabad police have expelled Kathi Mahesh from the city of Hyderabad and also sent show cause notice to a leading TV channel. Now father of Kathi Mahesh has demanded similar expulsion to Swami Paripoornanda.

Mahesh’s father supported his son and said only because he is Dalit, all these Brahmins are firing against him. He also advised those who are criticizing Kathi Mahesh, to read “Ramaya Visha Vruksham” Telugu book to understand more about Rama.He added, his son is not an atheist but a Hindu. He also clarified, Kathi Mahesh is not divorced with his wife.He demanded Paripoornanda to be expelled from the city too as he is provoking Hindus.

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