KCR granted music academy for Chakri in dream?

downloadWell this sounds something silly or confusing right? Chakri’s wife Sravani, revealed her late husband’s whims and dreams to media the other day. What’s striking among them is that Chakri always wanted to have a own music studio and serve the people and budding musicians. Especially after the new state of Telangana is carved out and KCR sworn in as the CM, Chakri was planning to meet him for permission of government to build a music studio. In fact, even few days before his death, he said to had a dream in which CM KCR agreed to his proposal.

Let us read it in Sravani’s words, “He (Chakri) told me that he had got a dream of meeting CM KCR garu. He introduced himself to KCR as Chakri, music composer of the film Jai Bolo Telangana and to which KCR garu had responded positively saying that he knows Chakri. And Chakri expressed his wish to set up a music studio and sought government’s help. Chakri told me that KCR had responded positively in his dream and said would sign the papers soon.”

Moving everybody into tears, Shravani said that “Even before his dream would become reality, he breathed his last” . And also Shravani adds that, Chakri wanted to compose music for stars like Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh. And she went on saying that Chakri doesn’t like “item numbers” which portray women in poor light and objectify women. Sravani added that Chakri had a great love for melody songs and comfortable in rendering melodies.

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