Keeravani Takes Back His Words!

Noted Musician MM Keeravani has created sensation with his tweets during the time of India’s biggest motion capture film “Baahubali –the Conclusion” pre-release event. Keeravani who wants to create big curiosity among his fans on his retirement announcement has made some continues tweets on his social networking page.

Keeravani who doesn’t have any remark in industry was in news for wrong reasons due to those tweets. He blasted out directors saying that almost all the directors he worked are brainless and he also made comments on lyricists saying that after Srivennala and Veturi, Telugu lyric is bedridden.

After his comments many lyric writers and directors from industry pointed out him and slammed his music as copied music. Lyric writers like Sira Sree, Ramajogayya Sastry and directors like Tamma Reddy Bharadwaj and many openly questioned him for those comments.

It seems like Keeravani is now in recovery mode for his tweets, today few minutes back Keeravani started posting continuous tweets to apologize him and he also opened up the problems facing by writers in this dominated industry.

Keeravani posted, “I used the word MOSTLY – in a tweet that made ALL hurt . But thanks to Tamma Reddy Bharadwaj (TB) garu for his elderly advice. Deleted the tweets according to TB word of advice. Ppl like TB are there to correct us.”
He said, “Suddenly I realised that all the directors- ALL ( I emphasise ) genius and humble. ALL are creative and down to earth. It was only me the brainless all the time. After all we are forever students and do mistakes.”

He added, “Just now someone couriered me a dictionary in which the meaning for arrogance reads MMK. I will humbly go through the whole book. All the directors in the world are greattttt I am dying to work with them all. But as I am an old brainless Composer, expecting least. Within FIVE MINUTES my brainless brain was washed by TB”.

“How forgetful I am( becoming old). I like all the lyricists and ALL songs of their hard work. I feel Veturi garu is 100, SVS 90, my father 35, and myself 10. Rest of all range from 11 to 89. Thanks once. Again to TB and Thyagayya gariki Dhanyavaadhamulu Endharo mahaanubhaavulu, ANDHARIKEE vandhanamulu. Correct me if I am wrong and brainless. ” music director says.

He said, “Recently Sai garu watched a tv programme where they said that there is scarcity for composers in Tollywood . I disagreed and educated him. The real scarcity is for writers’ .They are the most underpaid. Anantha sriram wanted to quit writing because every tom d and h are writing and no chances for real writers. Yes, Telugu lyric is not bed ridden and still Ananth is in crisis. Ananth says directors are approaching them only for desha bhakthi and neethi vaakyaalu kind of songs. All duets and item songs are writer by hero, director, singer etc etc etc – Ananth says. Senior most writer Shivadatta garu wrote in Amayaka Chakravarthi (Vijaya Bapineedu ) way before I was nothing in the industry. My father wrote less than 20 songs for me for all these 30 years because he is an out sider. Chandrabose garu is my brother- in-law and I vote for nepotism. He wrote many songs for me.”

Finally he concluded, “SSR is angry with me and wants me to do some work, because ARKA media wants to release the movie by 28th. See you all friends again”

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