Keerthy Suresh Supports Jallikattu Protests

Actress Keerthi Suresh Photos,Actress Keerthi Suresh Pics,Actress Keerthi Suresh Stills,Actress Keerthi Suresh,Keerthy Suresh released a video a few minutes ago, on her official Twitter account to lend her support for the ongoing Jallikattu protests all over Tamil Nadu.

The Nenu-sailaja actress said, “This Jallikattu or Manju Virattu is a traditional, cultural and brave sport that is associated with us since ages. It is our responsibility to save the game without getting pulled down by external forces. I extend my support to all the youngsters out there. I would also like to personally lend my support and gratitude to all the women who are participating in the protests. Let us all join hands together and act responsibly.”

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