Kerintha Movie Review – Live Updates

kerintha review* Happy ending.
* Time for reunions. Climax episodes started.
* Jai motivates friends to follow their hearts. Ashwin does an Aamir Khan in 3 idiots.
* Sentiment scenes follow break-ups
* Sumanth Ashwin reunites a divorced couple. Sri Divya gets floored. Sumagandhaala song starts..
* Dialogues will strike a chord with youth.
* Time for punnami Vennela song
* Second half started

* Interval bang is good.
* Little sentiment.
* Get ready song started.
* First meeting between Sumanth Ashwin and Sri Divya.
* Milaa Milaa song started. Sridivya Introduced
* Visuals are vivid. Frendship blossoms between lead characters.
* Tejaswi introduced
* Kerintha title song is on.
* Sumanth Ashwin and Sridivya introduced.
* Nookaraju introduced Characters
* Movie started. Dil Raju dedicates Kerintha film to Dr. D Ramanaidu and DTS Madhu.

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