Khaidi 11 Days Collections

Megastar Chiranjeevi Khaidi No 150 is rewriting the box-office records by making a grand re-entry after 9 years. On 11th day from its release, Khaidi No:150 is going strong and it is still continuing to bring in a large number of audiences to theaters.

Here’s the break up of 11 days of Khaidi shares:

Nizam: 15.65Cr
Nellore: 2.84Cr
Guntur: 6.18Cr
Krishna: 4.75Cr
West: 5.36Cr
East: 7.10 Cr
Uttarandhra: 10.48 Cr

Total [Telangana + Andhra Pradesh]: 64.72 Cr

In many parts of Telugu states, Khaidi No: 150 has even dethroned Baahubali’s shares and in US, the film pocketed USD2.3 million and pacing towards USD 2.5Million mark.

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