Khaidi 150 Beats Baahubali!

Chiranjeevi , Khaidi No.150 broken a Lifetime Record of Baahubali. The film has collected nearly 9.9 Cr `Distributor` Share in 10 Days in Uttara Andhra Area overtaking Baahubali`s 9.7 Cr `All Including` SHARE. It was almost unimaginable that any film can overtake Baahubali like this in any single area till Sakranthi 2017. Highly priced 150/- Tickets in all Major Centers has done the trick for Khaidi apart from Megastar`s Mass Appeal and Huge Fan Base. Khaidi No.150 has gone a step ahead and broke Day1, Week 1 and also Lifetime Record of Baahubali Uttara Andhra area. The film is still running with good collections in all areas and is heading to become the all-time second highest grossing Telugu movie.

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