Khaidi 150 Two weeks Business Details

By the end of its two weeks of theatrical run, Khaidi No.150 collected a monumental worldwide share of Rs 92Cr+. Below is the area wise break-up of distributor share:

Nizam – 16.65cr
Ceded – 13.48cr
Nellore – 3.05cr
Guntur – 6.55cr
Krishna – 5.13cr
West – 5.59cr
East – 7.42cr
Uttharandhra – 11.45cr

2 weeks AP & TG Share – Rs 69.32 Cr.

Karnataka – 8.40cr
Rest of India – 1.25cr
USA – 9.90cr
Rest of world – 3.50cr

2 Weeks Worldwide Share – Rs 92.37 Cr

As the film’s worldwide theatrical rights are sold for just under Rs 90 Cr, all the areas have reached break even status in 2 weeks. The film has underperformed in Nizam but the collections in Ceded and Andhra areas are as humongous as of Baahubali.

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