Khaidi No.150 5 Days Collections

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Khaidi No.150’ continues to do well at box office. By the end of its first Sunday, 5 days of theatrical run, the film collected a share of around Rs 47 Cr in the Telugu states alone. This is already a Non-Baahubali record.

Here is the area wise break-up of SHARE

Nizam – 13.10cr

Ceded – 8.58cr

Nellore – 2.04cr

Guntur – 4.65cr

Krishna – 3.34cr

West – 4.19cr

East – 5.32cr

Uttharandhra – 5.75cr

Total 5 Days AP & TG share – Rs 46.97cr

Khaidi No.150 has minted $2,077,900 in the US and it is well on its way to pocket a few more hundred dollars. The numbers from Karnataka are also reported to be impressive. On the whole, Khaidi No.150 has posted a worldwide distributor share of around Rs 62 Cr in its first weekend.

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