Khaidi No.150 First Week Collections

Khaidi No.150 has raked in Rs 56.45 Cr distributor share from the Telugu states by the end of its first week run. Allu Aravind and director V V Vinayak attended a press meet and officially revealed that the film has collected the fastest 100 crore gross in Tollywood and made 108.48 crores after the first week of its release.
Allu Aravind also revealed that the team will arrange a huge thank you meet in the next four days and the entire unit will be present and thank the audience personally

Below is the area-wise break up of 1st week SHARE of Khaidi No.150

Nizam – 14.25cr

Ceded – 10.82cr

Nellore – 2.42cr

Guntur – 5.51cr

Krishna – 4.13cr

West – 4.87cr

East – 6.29cr

Uttharandhra – 8.16cr

Total 1st week AP & TG Share – Rs 56.45 Cr

USA – 9.06cr
Karnataka – 7.40cr
ROI –1.25cr
ROW – 3.15
World wide total – 77.31cr(Gross 110.9cr)

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