Khaidi No 150 Movie Review

khaidi No 150 movie review
khaidi No 150 movie review
khaidi No 150 movie review
khaidi No 150 movie review

Release Date : January 11, 2017
Director : V.V. Vinayak
Music director : Devi Sri Prasad
Production Company : Konidela
Cinematography : R. Rathnavelu
Cast : Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal

Finally, the big day has arrived. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s highly anticipated comeback flick ,Khaidi No 150 released across the Telugu states. The matinee idol returned back to silversceen in a full length role for the first time in 9 years. Fans have been waiting with a bated breath to watch their demigod on the big screen. The songs and posters featuring Chiru back in elements have created a huge buzz on the film.It is directed by V. V. Vinayak and produced by Ram Charan along with his mother Surekha Konidela under Konidela Productions. It is official remake Tamil blockbuster ‘Kaththi(2014)’ which is directed by AR Murugadoss.
Story:khaidi No 150 movie review

Chiranjeevi and VV Vinayak are back with their second outing together, Khadi No.150. The film features Mega star in two contrasting but physically ‘identical’ dual roles, Kaththi Sreenu and Shankar. While Sreenu is a crook who is on the run and one with 24 previous visits to the jail, Shankar is a sober, educated activist who strives for the betterment of his impoverished village where water is a big concern. Their paths cross very early in the movie and the film is set in motion.

Chiranjeevi has used this opportunity to play diverse roles in the same movie and proves his experience as a performer and as an entertainer. While Kaththi Seenu is high on theatrics and is the Chiranjeevi that we have enjoyed on screen in many mass entertainers, Shankar is fresh in every aspect. Kaththi Seenu is bound to be a fan favorite while the audiences are likely to empathize with Shankar and his motives. In that aspect, Khaidi No 150 is a strong movie for Mega star Chiranjeevi.

Coming to director Vinayak, he has touched upon many issues close to his heart and also goes on to vilify the corporates and their aggressive expansion plans without considering their CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. The one scene late in the second half, when Chiranjeevi delivers an intense monologue on the above mentioned issues, is a definite highlight in the overall scheme of things. But it does try to get a little manipulative as the director has played to the gallery to win the audience’s sympathy towards farmers and make us root for his protagonist.

One feels Vinayak could have gone a step forward and tightened the screenplay. The placement of all the songs leaves a lot to be desired, specially the much talked about ‘Rathalu Rathalu’. ‘Sannajaji la puttesindira’ is delightfully shot whereas ‘Ammadu lets kummudu’, though a different exercise doesn’t make an impact. But the dancer Chiranjeevi sparkles effortlessly in all these songs. Khaidi No 150 doesn’t engage consistently as some sizzling moments are interspersed with moments of restlessness.

Devisri Prasad as usual adds lot of strength through his BGM score. If you hear the theatre roar for some of the strong scenes, the major part of the credit should go to him. The other noted person on board, DoP Rathnavelu came with some solid work on the visuals, the lighting patterns and the angles.

Among the other performers, Tarun Arora is a new addition to the list of suave, stylish villains. Kajal Agarwal is sadly what you may call the ‘typical commercial cinema heroine’ who appears in the songs, few romantic scenes and stands in the background while the hero takes charge.

All the actors who play the pivotal senior citizens are convincing. It should be a delight for Megastar’s fans and the star’s celebrated screen presence and agility come to the fore in these extended treats.

To sum up, Khaidi No 150 is a grand production which rides on Chiru’s dual roles, the social interest angle and some impactful scenes which are part of the mix.

Verdict: khaidi No 150 movie review

It’s an out and out mass entertainer. Chiranjeevi rocked in his dual role rendering terrific performance with fights and dances and his style of dialogue delivery is simply brilliant. Chiranjeevi and Vinayak has once again delivered a sure blockbuster hit.


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