Khusboo Quits Twitter!

Actor turned Politician Khusboo has given a sudden surprise announcement through her Twitter handle. Khusboo who is known for her bold comments has said that she will be getting out of Twitter.

“Ok friends..hve decided 2 go off Twitter 4 sumtime..want 2 do start reading again..dis platform is like addiction..promise 2 cme back soon. Thank u very much 4 so much of love,respect n support has bn my biggest strength..hope u wl cont. 2 do so even if i m not hr.

Wat I do,whr I m n all d happenings of my life wl surely cme 2 u as I hve alwz lived my life as an open book..just love me the same 4ever❤❤ Will miss all my friends hr..tke care n try 2 live life wid honesty as much as u can..hve a word of praise n encouragement n a smile 4ever❤❤

Clarity in thoughts takes u a long way..always leave a room to grow n evolve but never a space for doubt..❤❤Bye friends..happy twèeting..use tjis platform to build this nation n not 2 divide..keep hate n vengeance out..spread love,joy n peace..🖐🖐🖐🖐”

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