Kona Venkat hates Srinu Vaitla

sreenu-vaitla-kona-venkatStar Writer Kona Venkat striking comments on Srinu vaitla made the audience in awe struck. Kona when speaking at Brucelee audio says”For the first time, I felt it just an extra burden on the shoulders after watching Ram Charan work so hard to meet the expectations and match up with high standards every time. A lot of people asked me why we were doing this film together. I did it just because of two reasons – We Love Ram Charan & We Hate Sreenu Vytla because no other director could justice to our stories as much as he can. All of our first films with the heroes have been super hits. I can confidently say Bruce Lee will be a blockbuster,” announces the star writer.

The Star Writer revealed he felt shy watching Chiru walk back after completing the first shot in ‘Bruce Lee’. “Annayya’s walk is like ‘I’m ready long back, you have delayed it’. His entry will dominate every aspect in the movie and given it a long run,” he said.

Kona Venkat showered praises on Ram Charan for uniting them with Sreenu Vytla: “In Industry, People enjoy a dispute between two people. But, Charan behaved much matured than his age and made us realize Cinema is greater than individuals & personal egos. I thank him.”

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