Lakshmi Manchu calls that Day ‘Nightmare’

Lakshmi Manchu New Photos (5)After completing the “Memu Saitham” episodes, Lakshmi Manchu wanted to take a break and planned to  go on an Europe tour. She has landed in London already, but called today as a “Nightmare”. Here’s why.
Packing her bags to Florence, Italy, Lakshmi wanted to go for  shopping there but she has missed her flight to this Italian city from London. “Nightmare of a day. Missed my flt to Florence because of the crazy flooding here in London. Going to be sitting here till 4pm lost a day”, said Manchu, through her social page. She adds, “My iPad is run out of juice too. Blah day. I’m just going to lay on the floor and try & go 2sleep”.

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