Lavanya Tripathi Question And Answers

LavanyaFirst Crush
– Don’t remember
Growing Up
– Was fun, I was a quite child
How did your family react on your decision to start career in Film Industry?
– They were cool with it, they ask me to go ahead with my decision without effecting my studies
You come from a family of…
– Lawyers and Teachers
Staying alone
– At times I love being alone, its good to be spending some time with yourself.
– Few but the best ones
Bombay V/s HYD
– Both the cities are Good but I like Hyderabad more…
– Cooking, watching movies & workout my favourite
Culture & Food
– Indian culture & Indian food
How did you feel & what was your reaction…When you cut shorten your long hair?
– Not my reaction but my Mom was very angry
Best gift till date
– Bangles from Goa Lol… I still have them, Sentiments
What you don’t like?
– People lying to me, rude people and negativity
Funniest Rumour about yourself…
– Rumours are always funny, someone actually uses all their creativity in creating a rumour.
A song that sums up my mantra/me in life
– “Soachna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jaaega from movie Ghayal…..”

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