“Lingaa” distributors to go for hunger strike?

Lingaa Movie New Stills (16)Well this is one thing which no one would want it to happen ever. But sadly, dejected by the huge losses due to “Lingaa”, distributors who took the distribution rights of that movie have finally decided to go for hunger strike it seems.Read the story.

We all know that earlier superstar Rajanikanth used to bear the losses of the distributors whenever his movie is declared a disaster by public. Earlier there were a few instances where Rajani paid back the amount that was lost by the distributors of his movies. Same was expected in “Lingaa” case but surprisingly either producer Rockline Venkatesh or the hero Rajanikanth have responded for the protest of the distributors.Hence all those distributors are planning to go for a hunger strike from 10th January at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai it seems.

As per the latest news, it is learnt that the distributors from Trichy-Tanjore region have released a note indicating that they will go on hunger strike from 10th if their losses are not repaid. For the first time in history, Rajnikanth is facing such an embarrassment from the distributors and buyers. Let us wait and see if Rajanikanth reacts before those distributors start their strike ,and settles the issue.

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