‘Lingaa’ release again in doldrums ?

Lingaa Movie New Posters (2)Something is definitely wrong with “Lingaa” movie, as one or the other trying to stop its release. Recently we have seen a copyright infringement issue trouble “Lingaa” makers to the core. And now here comes another writer “Shaktivel” who filed a case on the makers of “Lingaa” that his story has been lifted. considering all these issues, superstar Rajanikanth fans are now worrying that whether “Lingaa” will be released on Rajani’s birthday, which is on 12th December?

It has become a common practice for few people making it an issue about big heroes films and gaining the attention in the media at free of cost overnight. Though all these troubles irking them a bit, makers of ‘Lingaa” assure that the movie will be released as per the schedule without fail. Lets wait and see.

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