Look at Yami Gowtham’s happy feet

Yami GowthamThe “Vicky Donor” girl, Yami Gowtham is one of the hottest girls in Bollywood who is in front line to grab biggest deals of popular brands for endorsing. She has already few popular brands in her kitty. Adding another big brand to her list of endorsements, Fair and Lovely siren Yami Gautham is now creating ripples in Bollywood. Recently she scored a big hit with “Badlapaur” movie in Hindi circuits as that flick was rated as first genuine hit of 2015.

Yami will now feature as front face of “Crocs”, a footwear manufacturer. As usually, Yami carrying her grace, posed in a tight shorts and jeans shirt, Yami makes sure that her feet does enough magic, “Happy Feet” is what her advertisement says. Wanna try Crocs? Go run to your nearest footwear shops right now.

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