lots of Bridegrooms available:Trisha

trisha2Chennai Beauty Trisha and producer Varun Manian had been cancelled. Both of them were betrothed and the marriage arrangements were taking place but all of a sudden the marriage was cancelled due to difference of opinions.

None of them had mentioned the reason for the cancellation of their marriage. Trisha had mentioned that lots of people were involved in this but she did not want to hurt the feeling by mentioning their names. Now she has given the explanation that why her marriage was dropped.

She said. “My family members made arrangements for this marriage. I also agreed for that. All the arrangements were done by parents. Some conditions were stipulated for the marriage. It was not acceptable.

Hence we cancelled the marriage. These kinds of things happen normally. I have great faith in marriage. I have faith in our culture also. I am an actress. My family members know about my needs. There are lots of suitable bridegrooms for me. I will select one of them.”

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