Lucky Draw for Srimanthudu cycle !

srimanthdud cycleThe makers of Srimanthudu have thought of auctioning Mahesh Babu’s cycle . However now the decided to take a lucky draw among the aspitants and handover it to him.The process is the winner will be selected through a lucky draw. As per sources, the enthusiasts can register at and each one must donate Rs 999.

This amount will go to charity. Since the event is organized by Mahesh and Srimanthudu team for a cause they have decided to go ahead with lucky draw. The registration for this lucky draw will begin on 14th Sep, tomorrow. To promote the lucky draw, this cycle would be placed in Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad for 3 days from 13th Sep, today.

To pick the winner, the makers of Srimanthudu are using online software to pick a person and He will receive the cycle from the hands of Mahesh Babu.

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