Lucky guy cracked it big with Puri

Puri Jagannadh-ImagesWe all learnt that ace director Puri Jagannadh has called for new script writers for his upcoming films through twitter the other day. It  looks like he got a huge response for the call.Sharing the same on his facebook page, Puri Jagannadh wrote like this..
“I have got amazing response for the script writers call,on Day 1 itself I received around 2000 story ideas and after that for every 5 minutes I’m receiving a new one.
I’m randomly going through them and liked two ideas. To my surprise both of them are sent by a single person…his name is Mr. A Sreedhar.
I called him and had a meeting. I found him extremely talented and his thoughts are really interesting. He is working on his ideas and will submit full bound scripts in a month.
I’m still reading the ideas…if I come across any interesting one..will update you.”
That’s the story guys. Doors are still open. Try your luck.


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