Maaya Movie Review :First half breaks-Second half cracks

Maaya Movie Stills (11)Director:Neelakanta
Producers:Evenki Reddy and Madhura Sridhar.
Cast & Crew:Harshvardhan Rane, Avanthika, Sushma, Nandini Rai
Music: Shekar Chandra
Release Date:Aug 1, 2014

Not many stories have come with the concept of ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)in Tollywood so far. One of the talented and innovative directors of T-town ,Neelakantha, has picked up yet another unique story but seems like he has stumbled upon to convince the audience with his taking and directional skills.Let us see if this thriller movie really has anything to pull the audience to theaters.


Story revolves around the female lead (Meghana)Avanthika who has mystic powers of ESP(Extrasensory Perception) since her childhood. She loses her mother in an accident that occurs in front of her at a construction site. Though she sees the future , she couldn’t stop it. Since then, Pooja gets some visions that are going to happen in next few minutes or hours. And this supernatural powers lead her to lots of mental stress as she always remains helpless to avoid the damage and loss that is going to occur.

On the other side, Siddardh Varma(Harshavardhan Rane) is a fashion designer who has interest in making regional hand-loom craft internationally famous.Hence he decides to organize a fashion show on a large scale ,and he wants to do some research to understand the hand-loom industry.During the course, tv21 for which Meghana works gets the contract of covering the event ,and assigns Meghana to travel with Harsha to make the program . They eventually get attracted to each other. When the time comes for Meghana to express her feelings towards Harsha,she happens to know the dark side of the fashion designer and gets shocked. She gets some visions about Harsha,which makes Meghana upset.

Meanwhile, Siddardh and Meghana’s childhood friend Pooja(Sushma Raj) get committed to marry each other by both of their parents. After knowing this, Meghana drops herself from proposing to Siddardh for her friend Pooja. During the course, she again gets some visions in which Siddardh is seen killing Pooja.
This certainly shocks Meghana,and she immediately starts enquiring about Siddardh’s past and wants to save her friend from him.

What does Meghana know about Siddardh when she starts enquiring about his past? Whether Meghana saves her friend Pooja from Siddardh? forms the rest of the story.


-Harshavardhan Rane as Siddardh has done a fair job with his looks and expressions. He has been improving with his acting from film to film. Harshavardhan has successfully shown different shades of his character with ease. Undoubtedly , he is going to rock Tollywood soon provided if he is given enough opportunities.

-Avanthika Sharma as Meghana looked pretty and has done a reasonably good job. Though she looked so weird with her few expressions in few scenes,she still played her role well. She needs to concentrate more on her expressions ,especially in emotional scenes.

-Sushma Raja as Pooja looked good. In fact, she has dominated the female lead Avanthika in many scenes with her energy on screen.
-Rest of the artistes like Nagababu, Venu are just okay with their roles.


-Decent screenplay
-Shekar Chandra’s back ground scores
-Harshavardhan’s performance


-Lagging second half
-Mistimed songs

Final Verdict:

A onetime watch for some thrilling experience,with good screenplay and nice background scores.

TFPC rating 3.5 on the scale of 5