Magadheera met Baaladheera finally

Ram-Charan-meets-BalaDheera-1484 (1)You all must have been aware of this kid named Parasurm, who is popularly known as Baaladheera after his rendering the dialogue from “Magadheera” on cam. That video went viral on internet. And it finally reached Mega powerstar Ram Charan Tej. And he liked that video very much and wrote on his facebook page that he wouldn’t sleep unless and until the video of Parasuram everyday. Naturally, these comments made Parasuram a mini celebrity overnight.

Parasuram is a native of Aiza vilage in Mahabubnagar. The Youtube video in which he utters the Magadheera dialogues and dances has created a sensation on social media. He is a diehard fan of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. In his words, “Naaku Ram Charan Ante Pranam, Chiranjeevi Ante Pichi”.

Ram Charan met Parasuram and spent some time with the kid. When the actor asked him to deliver the ‘Magadheera’ dialogue for him, Parasuram was quickly on his feet to fulfil the wish. Cherry asked him why he tonsured his head by saying he liked his hairstyle. He also asked Parasuram to say ‘Legend’ dialogue even though the kid was reluctant initially. Charan said he liked Balakrishna’s ‘Legend’ very much.

And the best part of the meet was, Mega Powerstar promised to sponsor the Education of Parasuram after coming to know that he wasn’t going to school due to poverty.

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