Mahesh Babu Fans furious on IE

maheshBabuSuperstar Mahesh Babu’s fans are right now trending #RIPIndianExpress and #WeLoveMaheshBabu on twitter and also on Facebook. Wonder, what has happened now? Here it is.
Since the time ‘Bramhotsavam’ released, there are number of trolls continously on the internet spreading like a virus on the film director and Mahesh Babu. Everyone didn’t take it that seriously till now but after Indian Express publishing an article which is totally negative to Bramhotsavam. This didn’t do well with the fans unlike the trolls. They started using hashtags #RipIndianExpress and #WeLoveMaheshBabu to express their anger on the newspaper. The fans want the makers of the film to take a legal action on Indian Express.

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