Mahesh beats Rajanikanth overseas?

imagesWell, this sounds little stunning or astonishing,but read it right. Just make a wild guess. Did you ever think that Mahesh can beat Rajanikanth in any aspect? Especially business wise? No? Then you got to read this for sure.
This is something interesting to know that, recently superstar Rajanikanth’s latest flick “Lingaa”‘s overseas rights have been sold out for 8 crore 40 lac for Tamil and Telugu version. And here comes the biggest surprise.
Usually Mahehs films does a decent 9 crore and above abroad just for Telugu films, excluding the other versions. Mahesh Babu’s films fetches more than 9 crores excluding other versions. This shows even Super Star Rajinikanth is inferior to Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu. The range of overseas business Prince Mahesh does proves he is the Overseas King for India in International Market.
So, do not ask us any questions like ‘can we say Mahesh is top star than Rajanikanth now’?. If you ask us, our answer would be ‘No comments ‘.

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