Mahesh director rubbishes all those rumours

Mahesh-Koratala-movie-titled-asThere has been a lot of buzz in the social media since a few days that sexy siren Shruthi Hasan has walked out of Mahesh-Koratala shiva film due to some date problems. No one from the unit has confirmed or condemned the news so far, but now the director Koratala Shiva himself give full clarity for the entire mess that took place .
” There is no truth in that news that Shruti left the film due to date problem. all those are just baseless rumours and kindly don’t believe all that. Shruthi is very much with us and is preparing for her next schedule that starts from 10th December. I urge all Mahesh and Shruthi fans not to believe such fake news”.
Well, that’s the story guys. So stop worrying too much . We are going to see Shruthi and Mahesh together on screen soon.

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