Mahesh Heroine Live-in Relationship with Sushanth!

Mahesh Heroine Live-in Relationship with Sushanth,Sushanth Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon Mahesh Babu movie 1-Nenokkadine Heroine Kriti Sanan,  is now said to be dating with Young Bollywood Hero Sushant Singh Rajput who shot into national limelight with biopic Dhoni.
Kriti  Sanon has been posting some photos closely with Sushanth on Instagram in the recent past. At present, both of them are acting together in the film Rabta and it is learnt they are maintaining live-in relationship.Though Kriti Sanon has rubbished the rumours about being romantically involved with her Sushant, apparently her actions speak otherwise.
The both left together for Thailand to train in martial arts for their upcoming film. After the training was over, they reportedly decided to stay back.
Let us wait and see how long Kriti Sanon will maintain his relationship with Sushanth Singh Rajput.

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