Mahesh – Koratala movie slated ?

Mahesh-Koratala-movie-titled-asMahesh babu – Koratala movie is facing viral issues from the beginning. While when Mahesh started the movie Aagadu is a utter disaster and he safe sidedly asked Koratala siva to change the script with minor changes. Later on the movie started when Mahesh is back from Malaysia and the pune schedule went good. Sruthi hassan has walked away suddenly for Vijay’s movie in Tamil. Now Sruthi hassan team explains that she is facing viral fever so cannot make it with Mahesh or other movie for few days. So this movie shoot is slated for few days now. Mahesh babu is not happy with the terms that are going on currently this year.2014 is a bigger disaster for Mahesh babu where in Nenokkadine didn?t gave good applause and Aagadu is a utter disaster.

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