Mahesh looks young enough to be my son

i-am-old-enough-to-be-mahesh-babu-dad_b_2607150307Family hero Jagapathi Babu after starring as hero in many films started playing character roles. He shared his experience on his image change over. He says, “At 53, I’m certainly old enough to play the dad, and Mahesh looks young enough to be my son,“ He adds “It wasn’t really a hard call to make. It is a very nuanced character and to work with Mahesh was a big allure. It is an ensemble cast and great team to be part of“.

Sharing more details, Jagapathi Babu says, “There comes a time in every man’s life when he has more grey hair than black. I act for a living, but I can’t live to act. My time as a hero who dances around trees is over. But funnily enough, I’ve been told I haven’t looked better in my life“.

Jagapathi Babu who is knwon for romancing two heroines in films like ‘Aayanaki Iddaru’, ‘Mavichiguru’, ‘Shubalagnam’, ‘Subhakankshalu’ etc is still hot ranked 15th in the most desirable men list says, “I’m still open to romance with multiple heroines. I hope to do so soon“and added, “I really don’t know what to say about that tag. I’d acted in gritty action films like ‘Gayam’ as well. In fact a lot of people warned me against doing soft, romantic films. But in the biggest hits of my career, I played the family hero“.

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