Mahesh to do a film for 14 Reels again?

mahesh-babu-jan-16Though nothing has been officially announced as such but the speculations are high that Superstar Mahesh Babu has givnen 14 Reels entertainment banner another chance. Even after two disasters like “1” Nenokkadine and “Aagadu”, 14 Reels entertainment is trying their luck again with Mahesh Babu by offering another film in a row.

After Dookudu bumper hit the banner went upto to produce two other movies that remain disasters of the industry. Apart from these, the 14 Reels Entertainment is again going to produce a film directed by Srikanth Addala. Srikanth told a script to Mahesh and seems like he gave a nod. The 14 Reels Entertainment has now all hopes on this project to recover from loss.

So, can Mahesh give them profits at least the this time? Or will this be a hat-trick flop to the producers? Will Mahesh work free of cost? Anyways lets not make things clear now and still analyse about what’s going to happen!

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